lg service centers are the small details that make a unique service

The service centers lg offers a private chauffeur service, we will drive all the destinations of your choice with the maximum comfort and safety
we will help you in your choices, with a range of services tailored to your needs

From simple transfers to and from airports business meetings, less than an hour on the highway can make you spend a pleasant day in the nearby lakes of Lombardy and Piedmont, considered among the most popular places in the world an unforgettable day on Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta or Lake Como.

The routes can be chosen by you or you can rely on our experience.

We will guide you in the visits of the most picturesque places milan besides, we can offer you a guided tour of the streets of the city. The fashion and shopping, the Old Town with its most important monuments in your evenings, you can organize and accompany to romantic dinners and even book the best restaurants and clubs in the city.

For the performance of services and reservation required

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